By using the applications, games, products, merchandise (virtual or real), content and services (the “Services”) provided by The Astrology App (“We” or “Us”), you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to the terms below (the “Terms”). These Terms are an agreement between you and us concerning the use of our Services. They may be modified at any time without prior notice and without your consent.

  1. Our Services

    1.1. All of the Services provided by us are the intellectual property of The Astrology App. These Services may be used by you solely for your personal non-commercial entertainment. You may not copy, immitate, distribute, modify or sell our Services in part or in whole without our consent. Nor can you use our Services to promote anything other than the Services themselves.

  2. Usage of our Services

    2.1. You may not use the Services if you are below the age of 13. If you are between ages 13 and 17, you warrant that your legal guardian has read and agrees with these Terms, and will supervise you during your every usage of our Services.

    2.2. You will keep own account(s) information confidential, and take responsibility for any action taken by your account(s).

    2.3. Your personal information which we collect to facilitate a personalized gaming experience will be dealt with in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

    2.4. You may not encourage, incite or conduct illegal activity through the use of our Services.

    2.5. You will not create, use or distribute inappropriate content that is obscene, hateful, harrassing, defamatory or offensive in any way to us or our users.

    2.6. You may not upload, distribute or provide links to viruses, spyware or other harmful programs through our Services.

    2.7. You may not create, distribute or use automation software, bots, hacks or any third party software that influences fair play and/or alterates the normal gaming experience of yourself or others. Nor can you cheat or use methods unintended by us to advance in the game or aquire merchandise or benefits which you otherwise would not be able to aquire through our designed gameplay.

    2.8. You resume responsibility for any content which you provide to or through our Services. You also give us full consent to use such content for the purposes of promotion.

  3. Fees

    3.1. Part of our Services may require a fee to access. You may use these Services at your sole discretion. You guarantee that you are the authorized user of the credit card, paypal account or any other method you use to satisfy these fees. You also agree to assume responsibility for any additional charges, such as taxes, by parties other than us, which arise from such payment.

    3.2. Money which has been paid for Services is not refundable, redeemable, transferable or exchangeable in part or in whole under any circumstances.

  4. Termination of Our Services

    4.1. We reserve a right to suspend or terminate our Services to you due to a violation of any of the Terms by you, or for any action which we deem harmful or offensive to us or our users. In such a case, we will not be responsible for giving prior notice.

    4.2. It is in our discretion to suspend or cancel a Service to you due to technical or corporate reasons. In such a case, we will publish a notification on the The Astrology App official website 14 days beforehand.

    4.3. We will not be liable for suspension or termination of our Services for reasons which are not voluntary or controllable by us.

  5. Third Party

    5.1. Please note that we only operate under the name “The Astrology App”. Any company, group or individual which goes by another name is not an affiliate or representative of us, and is considered to be third party. The Astrology App is not in control of third parties and services they provide.

    5.2. We may provide links to third parties via our Services. You are at full liberty to interact with third parties at your will and agree not to hold us responsible for any transaction made between you and a third party.

  6. Indemnification

    6.1. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Astrology App from all liabilities, claims and expenses, including attorney fees, which arise from or relate to a violation of these Terms and/or any action or activity performed by your account(s).

A violation of the Terms in any part and in any way may result in suspension or termination in our Services to you, and/or legal action taken against you.